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04 Jan 2021

Your time is valuable, so we’ll cut to the chase: 

15 Dec 2020


This included increased price limits for 369 support items and a simple new ‘yes or no’ checklist in the support catalogue to determine whether supports are eligible for: non-face-to-face support provision, provider travel, short notice cancellation, NDIA requested reports, irregular Supported Independent Living (SIL) supports. 

01 Dec 2020

What is budget flexibility?   Every NDIS plan is made up of 3 support categories: Core, Capital, and Capacity Building. Products and services are claimed from one of these support categories, but some services can now be claimed from multiple categories, after changes introduce by the NDIA last year. This means participants can use their funding more flexibly and get better utility of their funding.  Using these 3 budget categories flexibly affords participants more choice and control – an outcome that is at the heart of our mission at IDEAL. 

20 Nov 2020

As we approach the end of the year, COVID-19 is still changing the way we interact and engage services.  

As such, the NDIA continues to allow measures introduced earlier in the year to help participants access products, services, and plan budgets in an increasingly flexible manner.  

At IDEAL Plan Management, we believe in sharing knowledge to facilitate choice and control for participants, so we have put together this helpful visual guide to keep up to date on the NDIS COVID-19 measures available: 

16 Nov 2020

NDIS Plans can be used to fund disability-related health supports where they directly relate to a participant’s significant and permanent functional impairment and will assist the participant to undertake activities of daily living, as outlined in the NDIS Price Guide.  

13 Oct 2020

As one of Australia’s leading plan managers, we support these principles and the high standards they set out for the industry – all of which we have been dedicated to upholding since our inception in 2016.

21 Aug 2020

Providers required to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in New South Wales and Victoria can now claim an extra $1.70 for every hour of daily living support delivered, with the allowance coming directly from the NDIA, rather than from a participant's budget. 

The temporary allowance comes in addition to the earlier introduction of PPE support items, so providers can continue claiming for PPE costs through the Price Guide in agreement with participants.

07 Jul 2020

The NDIS has a new price guide from 1 July 2020.

17 Jun 2020

The Minister from the NDIS announced on the 12th June 2020 the first stages of a post-coronavirus NDIS, following a review of temporary measures to support participants and disability providers during the pandemic.

30 Apr 2020

The NDIA has temporarily allowed extra flexibility for NDIS participants to purchase low-cost Assistive Technology.  As an NDIS participant, you can now use your NDIS consumables or core funding to buy smart devices and fitness equipment, in consultation with your support providers.