UPDATED: Changes to COVID-19-related Measures from February 28


In positive news, the NDIA has advised that Support Coordination will remain claimable from Core until the end of March. The agency says this extension of this flexibility will allow time for participants to transition to alternative support arrangements.  

Original article:

The NDIA has today announced several changes to COVID-19-related measures, including: 

Low-cost assistive technology 
In welcome news, participants will be able to purchase low-cost assistive technology (smart devices and fitness equipment) with NDIS funding until further notice.  

Participants and providers in areas where public health orders require personal protective equipment (PPE) while supports are being delivered will continue to be able to claim the cost of PPE until further notice.  

Support Coordination 
Support Coordination will no longer be claimable from Core after February 28 but will be claimable from the Capacity Building budget for participants with a reasonable and necessary requirement for this service.  

Additional information and changes to other measures can be found here

In an earlier announcement, the NDIA also advised that automatic plan extensions will remain in place. 

IDEAL will continue assisting you in accordance with these and other COVID-19-related measures. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, our team is ready to help. 

We will update you if and when the NDIA announces further changes.