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How does Plan Management work?

  1. You access your supports
  2. Your providers send us your invoices.
  3. We claim the amount payable from the NDIS.
  4. We process payments to the providers on your behalf.

If you are required to pay for anything upfront, simply provide us with the receipts and we will reimburse you directly.

Our service is available to you for free if your NDIS plan includes a budget for Plan Management. This budget will be listed in your plan under "Improved Life Choices". Sign up or contact us to get started.

Need assistance getting “plan management” include in your NDIS Plan? Contact us and we will guide you through the steps.



  • I have greatly valued the services of IDEAL Plan Management's staff. I feel certain that the progress we as a family have made would not have been so swift without your sincere professional support. Many thanks again.

    – Peter, Father of Participant
  • Thank you so much for your help with our son’s plan last year. Your services have helped us keep on top of his plan throughout the year and your help whenever I have questions, the answers are concise and timely. Great service, IDEAL!

    – Lisa & Chris, Representatives 
  • IDEAL Plan Management communicates well, responding within 2 days, which helps me keep track of our clients' spending and underspending, and it helps us to work in a timely manner. Plan activation and invoice processing are also very quick.

    – Sean, Support Coordinator
  • IDEAL is part of a Chartered Accounting firm and, as someone with an accounting background myself, that inspires a lot of confidence in me that my plan is being looked after by people who are truly competent in understanding legislation and dealing with financial matters. IDEAL Plan Management is also consistent in response times and always gets back to me within 2 days as promised.

    – Amanda, Representative
  • IDEAL Plan Management looking after the boys’ plans means I can stop worry about receipts and invoices and concentrate on their therapy and having some quality of life. I really appreciate you taking the time to chat and answering all of my questions. I do not think that I will be looking back from here on out, and it will be nice to have someone helping me to ensure that the boys are getting the most out of their plans. I recommend IDEAL Plan Management to other parents because I have been really impressed with our chat and your transparency.

    – Maxine & Geoffrey, Representatives
  • IDEAL is really transparent, providing weekly budget updates which no one else does. It makes my job as a Support Coordinator much easier, and it’s always easy to get in touch.

    – George, Support Coordinator
  • Your service has been professional and responsive, and your staff are efficient and compassionate.

    – Liza, Coordinator of Supports
  • Wanted to thank you for your efficiency, knowledge and kindness in providing information to guide me through this very new process of being my sister’s NDIS plan nominee.

    – Angela, Sister of Participant

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