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Feedback and Complaints Policy

1.            Policy

1.1          Strong service and good relationships are important to us.

1.2          Feedback – good or bad – helps to ensure that we meet your service expectations.

1.3          Any concerns you have should be dealt with fairly and efficiently.

1.4          Our complaints and feedback processes should:

(a)           be simple, and fair;

(b)          be as quick and efficient as possible;

(c)           be cooperative and inclusive;

(d)          comply with our other policies and procedures, including our privacy policy; and

(e)           include both formal and informal options, including external pathways where appropriate.

2.            Procedures


2.1          Usually, the best way to provide feedback is through your usual day to day contact point. If you prefer, you can also provide feedback by contacting:

Billy Kang, Plan Manager Service Leader  |  1300 800 110




2.2          Our internal complaints contact point is:

Billy Kang, Plan Manager Service Leader  |  1300 800 110

2.3          Please contact Billy by phone or email to discuss your concerns.

2.4          We are sure we will be able to resolve your concerns but if we cannot or if you prefer, you may also contact the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission on 1800 035 544 or by visiting Our provide number is: 4050 009 702