NDIS update: Ongoing flexibility for meal preparation and delivery

Meal preparation and delivery may be funded by the NDIS if a participant is unable to prepare food due to factors directly relating to their disability. The NDIA has released a new version of the pricing arrangements which outlines the updated rules for how meal preparation and delivery may be claimed.

What the rules were?

Previously, participants could only claim for meal preparation if it was a stated support in their plan. A quote was needed from the supplier and inflexible funding was added to the plan during the plan meeting.

What the rules are now?

As of 1 March 2022, meal preparation and delivery may be claimable from the Core budget without requiring a quote or for funding to be set aside as a stated support.

Participants may be eligible provided they have support with meal preparation specified in their plan. This includes situations where a Participant has funding allocated in their plan for support workers to assist them with grocery shopping or the preparation of meals.

What does this mean?

Participants who meet the above conditions may be able to claim for this support using the Core funding in their current plan. This increased flexibility helps ensure that Participants have added choice and control in how they would like to access their meal preparation supports.

How can preparation and delivery of meals be claimed?

The NDIA have updated the pricing arrangements to add the following support item:

01_023_0120_1_1: Assistance with the cost of preparation and delivery of meals.

Both new and existing plans may be able to use this support item to claim for meals delivered on or after 1 March provided meal preparation is specified in their plan.

The pre-existing support item can continue to be claimed, subject to the previous rules and conditions surrounding quotations and stated supports.

Keep in mind

  • The cost of the ingredients is not funded by the NDIS, only the cost of preparation and delivery.
  • In cases where the provider does remove the cost of the ingredients from the invoice, 70% of the total cost can be claimed. (According to the NDIS operational guidelines)
  • No additional funding will be added to the Core budget to accommodate the increased flexibility.

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