NDIS Update on COVID-19 measures

The Minister from the NDIS announced on the 12th June 2020 the first stages of a post-coronavirus NDIS, following a review of temporary measures to support participants and disability providers during the pandemic.

As community restrictions have eased, the NDIS will move to a post-pandemic phase from 1 July that includes the conclusion of some of the temporary measures.

On recommendation from the review, the following will apply from 1 July 2020:

  • Removal of temporary 10 per cent price loading on certain core and capacity building supports;
  • Definition of the cancellation period is reduced from 10 days to levels under the previous policy; and
  • Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) period will be returned to the original policy of 90 days (rolled back from 180 days).

Participant focused coronavirus response measures, including offering alternatives for face-to-face planning meetings to participants, plan extensions for up to 24 months following review and flexible use of funds to purchase low-cost assistive technology, will remain in place until further reviews are completed.

To find more information, visit the NDIS website here.

Update on NDIS Corona Virus Response