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New NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits 2024-25

The new Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits for 2024-25 have been released. These changes are effective from 1 July 2024.

The key changes include:


1.Removal of TTP

All TTP Items have been removed as the loading is no longer applicable. 


2. Price increases

Price limits for the following supports have increased by 3.19% give or take a few cents:

  • Supports delivered by disability support workers
  • Level 1: Support Connection
  • Psychosocial Recovery Coaches


        Price limits for the following supports have increased by 4% 

  • Psychologists 
  • Nursing supports 


3. Changes to the short notice cancellation policy

The short notice cancellation policy for the following supports has changed from 7 days to 2 clear business days:

  • Assistance with Personal Domestic Activities
  • Assistance with household tasks
  • ILO Exploration and Design
  • Disability Related Health Supports
  • Therapy Supports
  • Early Childhood Supports
  • Level 2: Coordination of Supports
  • Level 3: Specialist Support Coordination.
  • Employment Related Assessment, Counselling and Advice
  • Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support
  • Physical Wellbeing Activities
  • Dietetics
  • Community Engagement Assistance
  • Hearing Supports.

Short notice cancellations for other supports will remain as 7 days. 


4. Capacity Building – Finding and Keeping a Job (Specifications and Clarifications) 


  • Specified who can deliver “Employment Related Assessment, Counselling and Advice” . 
  • Specified that Employment Assistance includes youth aged 15 to 25. 
  • Introduced transitional arrangement for SLES (School Leaver Employment Supports) active until 30/06/2027 for providers using 10_021. Clarified that providers cannot use this code to claim for a certified education course even if the course is run within the provider’s organisation, as this is funded through the Vocational Education system.   


5. Capacity Building – Finding and Keeping a Job (New Line Items) 


  • Added line items to for Support Coordinators (10_002_0106_8_3) and Psychosocial Recovery Coaches (10_101_0106_6_3) to assist successful development and placement in employment (page 75) 
  • Added the option for participants to engage support workers to support in the workplace until a new plan is developed to include the necessary ongoing core supports “10_806_0133_5_1 Supports in Employment – Weekday Daytime”. 


6. Assistive Technology Mentors

A new support line item has been introduced for AT mentors to advise and assist participants with identifying, selecting and using appropriate ATs “15_300_0103_1_3”.


7. Bereavement Payment for Support Coordinators

Registered Support Coordinators can claim for services delivered up to 90 days after a participant’s death to finalise items included in the participant’s plan funding or to undertake actions as directed by the NDIA. 


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