Want better communication regarding plan extensions? We can help!

We’ve been hearing from NDIS Participants, Support Coordinators, and service providers that they’d like more communication surrounding new plans and plan extensions.

At IDEAL Plan Management, we aim to make the plan extension process clearer for you by:

  • Proactively getting in touch before your plan is due to end
  • Helping you understand how plan extensions work and the ways it may affect you
  • Closely monitoring your plan and notifying you when we notice any changes
  • Reaching out when we notice an extended plan has ended early

When do we reach out?

We will contact you several times throughout the plan extension process including:

  • 4-6 weeks before your current plan is due to end
  • After you have received a plan extension
  • When your extended plan ends

4-6 weeks before

We will get in touch with you to let you know what you can expect as you approach your plan’s end date.

We will give you updates regarding:

  • What will happen if you receive a plan extension
  • What will happen if you have a plan review
  • What options you have moving forward

When you receive a plan extension

We will get in contact to let you know if your plan has been extended. We will also remind you of the key things to know regarding automatic plan extensions.

When your extended plan ends

When our records indicate that the plan period has ended, we will get in contact with you and/or your Support Coordinator to request a copy of the new plan.

In many cases, this may be the first time you are made aware of the new plan.

As plan managers, we are often aware of changes to your plan before you are, so it is important that we relay that information quickly. By making sure that everyone is aware of the new plan, we help minimise disruptions to your supports and allow service providers to be able to forecast more effectively.

I was told my plan was extended, why am I now being told that my plan has ended?

Often an extended plan ends early because a new plan has been activated. This usually happens because you previously had a plan review.

If you’ve had a plan review, then you will receive a new plan. If your plan is due to end before you have received a new plan, your current plan will be temporarily extended to fill the gaps between your plan periods.

When a new plan is activated, your extended plan will always end. This frequently happens much sooner than the 12 months.

When we notice that this has happened, we will get in contact immediately.

Want to know more about plan extensions?

At IDEAL, we want to help you understand how plans extensions work and how it may affect you. For more information about plan extensions, click here.

If you’d like to talk to one of our team, just give us a call on 1300 800 110.