What you should know about NDIS Public holiday rates

Certain supports have price limits that vary depending on when the support was given. If you are you are receiving your NDIS supports on a public holiday, it’s important to understand that increased rates may apply.

What is a public holiday rate?

Public holiday rates are for supports that start at or after midnight on the night before a public holiday and end at or before midnight the following night.

The price limit that applies is not based on the shift of the worker but rather on when the support is delivered to the Participant.

Public holiday rates tend to be significantly more than weekday rates, so it is important to consider when you are receiving your supports to help you budget more accurately.

NDIS providers can charge a number of different rates depending on when the support is given during the holiday period. As many public holidays are not national, it is important to be aware of which days count as public holidays in the state where your supports are provided in. For example, whether Easter Saturday, Sunday, or Tuesday are considered public holidays can vary between states and territories.

Need to cancel?

Due to the nature of the holiday period, your support needs might change. If you need to make a cancellation, contact the provider as soon as possible. Whether you will be charged for a short notice cancellation will depend on the cost and intended duration of the service. For more information, check out our article on the NDIS cancellation policy.

Need more information?

To find more about NDIS public holiday rates and whether your supports are subject to varying rates based on the time and day, give us a call on 1300 800 110.