NDIS Nursing, Medication, and Wound Care: When Can the NDIS Fund Health Supports?

When thinking about whether the NDIS will fund health supports like nursing, there are several factors that will be considered. Although the NDIA considers many health supports the responsibility of the health sector, certain supports that are disability-related could be claimable if they meet certain conditions.

What are disability-related health supports?

The NDIS may fund supports that help manage the functional impact of your disability. These supports may be needed to:

  • Manage your health if you are unable to effectively do so on your own due to your disability
  • Manage a health condition that is a direct result of your disability.

The NDIS may consider disability-related health supports to be reasonable and necessary provided they meet the other criteria.

What health supports may be funded by the NDIS?

Many health supports will have conditions that will affect whether or not they may be funded by the NDIS. Some examples of supports that may include:

  • Nursing
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Wound care

Can the NDIS fund nursing?

The NDIS won’t fund:

Nurses cannot be funded if:

  • The support doesn’t relate to your disability
  • Treatment of injuries that are not the result of your disability support needs
  • The support is not related to your daily living
  • The support is being provided in a hospital or other clinical setting

The NDIS may fund:

Nurses may be able to be funded by the NDIS in cases where all of the following criteria are met:

  • Your health needs are directly related to your disability
  • The needs are not the usual responsibility of the health system
  • The need for the support is ongoing     

Can the NDIS fund Nutritional Supplements?

The NDIS won’t fund:

Food is typically considered an everyday cost that tends not to be related to a Participant’s disability. The NDIS won’t fund nutrition supports that are unrelated to your disability.

The NDIS may fund:

If your disability makes it difficult to eat, swallow or get the nutrition you need, the NDIS may fund supports such as:

  • Nutritional supplements
  • Thickener products
  • Home enteral nutrition formula
  • Assistive equipment such as feeding tubes or pumps
  • Dietician to help you create and review a meal plan
  • Training for people who will assist you with your nutrition supports

Can the NDIS fund wound care?

The NDIS won’t fund:

The NDIS considers many wound management supports the responsibility of the health system. As such, the NDIS would not fund supports such as:

  • Treatments of wounds in a hospital or other clinical setting
  • Early treatments of acute wounds
  • Dressings, creams, or other items intended to treat injuries that don’t require medical support such as minor cuts and grazes

The NDIS may fund:

If a Participant has chronic wounds that are disability-related such as pressure sores, the NDIA may fund wound care supports. A support may be considered the responsibility of the NDIS if:

  • The injury is directly related to your disability
  • The injury can’t be treated yourself because of your disability
  • Clinical support is not provided through the health system

Your doctor or care nurse will need to provide a wound care plan that details what is needed to support your injury.

Can the NDIS fund medication?

The NDIS does not fund medication even in cases where it is likely to help manage your disability. This includes over-the-counter medication like paracetamol as well as prescribed pharmaceuticals. This is because the NDIS does not believe that they are the most suitable agency to fund that type of support. Rather, this would more appropriately be the responsibility of the health system.

Please note that regardless of whether or not the health system funds a certain medication, it will not be funded through the NDIS.

Want to know more?

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