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10 things you should know could be funded from your Core budget!

Need ideas on how to use your Core budget? Core supports are the most flexible budgets in your plan, so there are many interesting ways you could use the funding. Here are 10 things which may be claimed as Core supports.

1. Sensory equipment

Sensory items such as noise-cancelling headphones, fabric tunnels, and balancing stools can be claimed provided there is evidence the equipment is:

  • effective and beneficial for your needs
  • the best value for money compared with alternatives
  • able to provide better support than more common items
  • not a day-to-day living cost that most people would have to incur

2. Smart devices for telehealth

Smart devices such as laptops and tablets may be claimable if you are unable to access face-to-face NDIS supports because of COVID restrictions. These supports are used to help participants maintain funded NDIS supports like a program, therapy, or requirement if they don’t already have another suitable device. Smart devices for telehealth should be no more than $750 and be Wi-Fi only. Written advice from a professional is needed to support the purchase. A written advice template can be found here.

3. Apps

Smartphone apps are considered a low-cost Assistive technology (AT). There are many smartphone apps out there to help people with disabilities that may be considered a cost-effective method to help you meet your needs. Some examples include text-to-speech apps for participants with visual impairments, therapy apps and apps to help non-verbal participants communicate.

4. Smartwatches

If the inbuilt features relate to your support needs or NDIS goals and provide value for money, smartwatches may be funded. Smartwatches contain many features that could be beneficial for people with disabilities such as fall detection and heart rate monitoring. Additionally, using a smartwatch to pay for items, may allow participants with mobility impairments to operate with increased independence.

5. Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment including skipping ropes, soccer balls, or a treadmill may be claimed to help you maintain a pre-existing NDIS funded support. The provider of the supports should confirm in writing that the device is necessary to continue supports and services while maintaining physical distancing requirements. You can find a written advice template for these supports here.

6. Urgent Assistive Technology repairs

Although repairs and maintenance of AT would be included in your NDIS budget if you have been approved for AT support, urgent repairs may be claimed from Core. AT that may be considered for urgent repair includes equipment that you are dependent on for mobility, safety, communication and to conduct your daily living activities. This extends to hiring a replacement item where needed (if the AT is destroyed or significantly damaged) until a more permanent solution is available.

7.Courses and memberships

The fees associated with cooking, music, or art classes as well as memberships to sports and leisure clubs may be funded if these conditions are met:

  • It enables you to engage in community, social or recreational activities
  • The cost of participation exceeds an affordable amount
  • Without it, you would be at risk of social isolation

8. Nutritional supplements

As they are classified as consumables, or more specifically a nutrition support, nutritional supplements can be claimed from your Core funding provided:

  • The supplements directly relate to your disability
  • The NDIS is the most appropriate method to fund the supplements


Therapy is typically funded through CB Daily Living but if you deem it necessary and beneficial to have more therapy, then you can use your Core budget to fund these supports. This gives you the flexibility to decide if you would benefit from additional therapy even if your CB Daily Living budget is exhausted.

10. Short term accommodation and respite care

Short term accommodation (STA) may be claimed when you need to live in temporary accommodation for up to 14 days. This includes the cost of your stay as well personal care, food, and any activities the provider agrees to.

Reasons why you may use STA include:

  • Times when your usual carers are unavailable
  • To help you develop new skills and build independence
  • To try new things and meet new people

Are these supports reasonable and necessary?

When thinking about whether any of these potential supports would be suitable it’s important to reflect on whether the support is directly related to your disability and reasonable and necessary to help you achieve the goals outlined in your NDIS plan.

Of course, there are many more ways that you can use your Core funding. If you have any questions or queries, please give us a call on 1300 800 110.