NDIS Provider Number: 4050 009 702

3, 2, 1, done! Access IDEAL turnaround times for NDIS plan Management in 2021

Your time is valuable, so we’ll cut to the chase: 

  • 3-day invoice payments 
  • 2-day enquiry resolution 
  • 1-day plan activation 

Why miss out on crucial services while a provider awaits payment from the last appointment when IDEAL pays in 3 business days?  
Why wait 5-7 business days for an ordinary plan manager to respond, when IDEAL Plan Management resolves the matter in just 2? 
Why spend another day or more managing your NDIS plan when we can start processing those invoices in the next business day? 


With 3 quick and easy options, you can call, email or head online to sign up today.  

That’s right, it’s as simple as “3-2-1, done!” with IDEAL Plan Management. 


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