New NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits for 2023-24

27 Jun 2023

The NDIA have released their Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits for 2023–24 with information from their Annual Pricing Review.

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NDIS Update: Children younger than 9 to be included in early childhood approach

25 May 2023

The NDIA have announced some changes to their early childhood approach.

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New NDIS Pricing Arrangements - Valid 5th May 2023

09 May 2023

Version 1.2 of the Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits 2022-2023 has been released. It is effective as of 5th May 2023. Here is a summary of the main changes that we’ve observed:

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Requesting a change to your NDIS plan

24 Nov 2022

If your circumstances have changed since your planning meeting, your NDIS plan may need to be altered so that it can continue to meet your needs.

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3P, PACE, and the upcoming changes to NDIS systems

03 Nov 2022

The Participant, Platform and Process (3P) Improvement Initiative is a new strategy by the NDIA that aims to improve the client experience.

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Claiming for low-cost assistive technology through the NDIS

20 Oct 2022

Assistive technology (AT) is a term that the NDIA uses for devices or equipment that help you to do things that you can’t do as a direct result of your disability.

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Latest NDIS Pricing Arrangements and COVID updates

05 Oct 2022

The NDIA have recently released updated versions of the following documents:

- Version 1.1 of the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits 2022-2023

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Allied health and the NDIS

21 Sep 2022

Allied health professionals are one of the largest groups of registered providers with the NDIS. Although the term “allied health” is used a lot when discussing NDIS supports, it’s not always clear exactly what makes allied health different from other health providers.

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Can the NDIS fund gym memberships?

31 Aug 2022

In the Operational Guidelines, the NDIA provides some examples where gym memberships would not be claimable. They argue that gym memberships are typically a day-to-day living cost that is not disability-related and therefore would not be funded by the NDIS.

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Psychology vs Psychiatry? Can they both be claimed from the NDIS?

04 Aug 2022

Psychologists and Psychiatrists may seem similar but whether they can be funded by the NDIS differs. Psychologists may be funded in many situations, but a psychiatrist’s role may be much more limited.


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New NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits for 2022-2023

23 Jun 2022

The NDIS have released their Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits for 2022–2023. These will be effective as of July 1st 2022.  

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What needs to be on an invoice to the NDIS? (+ NDIS invoice template)

22 Jun 2022

At IDEAL, we pay invoices within 3 business days. However, prompt payment can depend on whether the correct information is on the invoice.

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Can you use international suppliers to purchase NDIS supports?

31 May 2022

Although the bulk of NDIS supports are delivered from Australian providers, international suppliers may be used in certain situations. You may wish to use international suppliers to:

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What you should know about NDIS Public holiday rates

11 Apr 2022

Certain supports have price limits that vary depending on when the support was given. If you are you are receiving your NDIS supports on a public holiday, it’s important to understand that increased rates may apply.

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NDIS Nursing, Medication, and Wound Care: When Can the NDIS Fund Health Supports?

24 Mar 2022

When thinking about whether the NDIS will fund health supports like nursing, there are several factors that will be considered.

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NDIS Cancellation Policy: Rights and Obligations for Service Cancellations

24 Feb 2022

The NDIS cancellation policy makes it clear when a provider would be able to claim from a Participant’s budget in the case of a cancellation. Both providers and Participants have certain obligations to each other which must be considered before a cancellation fee is charged.

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How flexible is your NDIS budget?

17 Feb 2022

Once you complete your planning session, your planner will allocate funding into your NDIS budget based on what supports they think are reasonable and necessary to help you achieve your goals. However, how you choose to use your funding may be more flexible.

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Rapid antigen tests may be claimed using your NDIS funding

28 Jan 2022

As of 24th January 2022, the NDIA announced that NDIS P

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Did you know the NDIS may fund assistance dogs?

23 Dec 2021

The NDIS may fund assistance dogs if they are specially trained to help you do things that you otherwise couldn’t do as a direct result of your disability. 

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Pricing Arrangements Update: Clarification surrounding subscription services

15 Dec 2021

Version 1.3 of the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits 2021-2022 has been released!

What’s changed?

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Top tips to budget your NDIS plan more effectively

14 Dec 2021

Budgeting is an important way to ensure you can get the most out of your NDIS plan. Both overspending and underspending are common issues but there are plenty of strategies you can use to minimise the risk. Here are some top tips to help you with budgeting your NDIS plan.

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NDIS group activities: Top things you should know

07 Dec 2021

Support may be provided by the NDIS to enable you to access group activities, whether they are out in the community or in a centre.

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Can disability-related toys be funded through the NDIS?

03 Dec 2021

All children love toys, but they can also be an important support for many children with disabilities. In fact, there are certain toys that have been purpose-designed to assist a number of children with their disability including:

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What are NDIS supported holidays?

25 Nov 2021

If you require extra supports when going on a holiday, the NDIS may be able to cover the cost of these supports. Depending on your goals and needs, potential supports that may be covered include:

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Want better communication regarding plan extensions? We can help!

16 Nov 2021

We’ve been hearing from NDIS Participants, Support Coordinators, and service providers that they’d like more communication surrounding new plans and plan extensions.

At IDEAL Plan Management, we aim to make the plan extension process clearer for you by:

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What options for transport may be funded through the NDIS?

02 Nov 2021

Transport is an essential part of living an ordinary life.

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Leaving school? What NDIS supports are available to help you prepare for employment?

21 Oct 2021

If you are a recent school graduate, it may feel daunting to make the transition from school to work. Fortunately, there are options available through the NDIS which can help ensure you have the support that is needed to progress towards your employment goals.

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What makes a support reasonable and necessary?

12 Oct 2021

To include a support in your NDIS plan, your NDIS planner must be satisfied that it is ‘reasonable and necessary’ to meet your ne

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Plan review coming up? Here are some things to consider

30 Sep 2021

We have had numerous enquiries asking whether clients who have had low budget utilisation due to COVID will have their funding negatively impacted in their next plan. To help provide some assurance, we have put together some key points to consider prior to your next plan review meeting.

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NDIS update: Ongoing flexibility for meal preparation and delivery

26 Sep 2021

Meal preparation and delivery may be funded by the NDIS if a participant is unable to prepare food due to factors directly relating to their disability. The NDIA has released a new version of the

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10 things you should know could be funded from your Core budget!

26 Sep 2021

Need ideas on how to use your Core budget? Core supports are the most flexible budgets in your plan, so there are many interesting ways you could use the funding. Here are 10 things which may be claimed as Core supports.

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What are Plan Extensions?

26 Sep 2021

If an NDIS participant does not have a new plan by the time their current plan ends, the NDIA is likely to extend their plan. This means:

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ABN Requirements for NDIS Claims

29 Jul 2021

The NDIA requires that all claims from the NDIS must have the ABN of the service provider unless they are exempt. This is needed for both direct payments and reimbursements.

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Automatic extensions? Not quite, NDIA’s plans for upcoming review period revealed

14 Apr 2021

The NDIA has released more detailed information surrounding automatic plan extensions this week, including some eligibility guidelines, and a clearer definition of what an “automatic” plan extension is.

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UPDATED: Changes to COVID-19-related Measures from February 28

25 Feb 2021


In positive news, the NDIA has advised that Support Coordination will remain claimable from Core until the end of March. The agency says this extension of this flexibility will allow time for participants to transition to alternative support arrangements.  

Original article:

The NDIA has today announced several changes to COVID-19-related measures, including: 

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UPDATED: Support Coordination from Core Ends Feb 28

25 Feb 2021


In positive news, the NDIA has advised that Support Coordination will remain claimable from Core until the end of March. The agency says this extension of this flexibility will allow time for participants to transition to alternative support arrangements.  

Original article:

Contrary to its previous position on the matter, the NDIA has today advised that Support Coordination will no longer be claimable from Core after February 28. 

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3, 2, 1, done! Access IDEAL turnaround times for NDIS plan Management in 2021

04 Jan 2021

Your time is valuable, so we’ll cut to the chase: 

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new price guide

Did you know the NDIS Price Guide recently had an update? 

15 Dec 2020


This included increased price limits for 369 support items and a simple new ‘yes or no’ checklist in the support catalogue to determine whether supports are eligible for: non-face-to-face support provision, provider travel, short notice cancellation, NDIA requested reports, irregular Supported Independent Living (SIL) supports. 

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budget flexibility making the most of your ndis plan with ideal plan management

How to make the most of your NDIS Plan

01 Dec 2020

What is budget flexibility?   Every NDIS plan is made up of 3 support categories: Core, Capital, and Capacity Building. Products and services are claimed from one of these support categories, but some services can now be claimed from multiple categories, after changes introduce by the NDIA last year. This means participants can use their funding more flexibly and get better utility of their funding.  Using these 3 budget categories flexibly affords participants more choice and control – an outcome that is at the heart of our mission at IDEAL. Read more

COVID-19 NDIS Measures

20 Nov 2020

As we approach the end of the year, COVID-19 is still changing the way we interact and engage services.  

As such, the NDIA continues to allow measures introduced earlier in the year to help participants access products, services, and plan budgets in an increasingly flexible manner.  

At IDEAL Plan Management, we believe in sharing knowledge to facilitate choice and control for participants, so we have put together this helpful visual guide to keep up to date on the NDIS COVID-19 measures available: 

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health supports

Disability Related Health Supports 

16 Nov 2020

NDIS Plans can be used to fund disability-related health supports where they directly relate to a participant’s significant and permanent functional impairment and will assist the participant to undertake activities of daily living, as outlined in the NDIS Price Guide.  

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plan manager

Plan Management Principles: How IDEAL Exceeds the Expectations

13 Oct 2020

As one of Australia’s leading plan managers, we support these principles and the high standards they set out for the industry – all of which we have been dedicated to upholding since our inception in 2016.

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PPE imagery IDEAL plan manager

Additional PPE allowance for providers in VIC & NSW announced today

21 Aug 2020

Providers required to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in New South Wales and Victoria can now claim an extra $1.70 for every hour of daily living support delivered, with the allowance coming directly from the NDIA, rather than from a participant's budget. 

The temporary allowance comes in addition to the earlier introduction of PPE support items, so providers can continue claiming for PPE costs through the Price Guide in agreement with participants.

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July 1st 2020 New NDIS and Pocket-Sized Price Guide

07 Jul 2020

The NDIS has a new price guide from 1 July 2020.

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NDIS Update on COVID-19 measures

17 Jun 2020

The Minister from the NDIS announced on the 12th June 2020 the first stages of a post-coronavirus NDIS, following a review of temporary measures to support participants and disability providers during the pandemic.

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NDIS funding to purchase tablets, smartphones or fitness equipment

30 Apr 2020

The NDIA has temporarily allowed extra flexibility for NDIS participants to purchase low-cost Assistive Technology.  As an NDIS participant, you can now use your NDIS consumables or core funding to buy smart devices and fitness equipment, in consultation with your support providers.

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COVID-19 Pocket-Sized Price Guide

New COVID-19 Pocket-Sized Price Guide

21 Apr 2020

IDEAL Plan Management's new Pocket-sized price guides have implemented the COVID-19 measures introduced in the NDIS Support Catalogue version 2.2.1.

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Support Coordination can now be claimed from Core

Support Coordination can now be claimed from Core

20 Apr 2020

NDIS participants impacted by COVID-19 may need additional support coordination. Support coordinators can now access core funding according to the latest announcement from the NDIA.

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COVID-19 Support Update banner

COVID-19 Support Update

06 Apr 2020

New NDIS rules have been introduced to help service providers from 25 March. These rules may impact you as an NDIS participant, or your clients if you support anyone with an NDIS plan. NDIS participants impacted by COVID-19 may need additional support coordination. Support coordinators can now access core funding according to the latest announcement from the NDIA.

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Transport update

03 Feb 2020

On 3rd February 2020, the Minister for the NDIS, Stuart Robert, announced that from 1st March 2020, Core Support funding could be used to claim for transportation to and from NDIS funded community-based activities. This is in addition to the time of the support worker, for which they can already claim.

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New Pocket Price Guide

01 Dec 2019

The NDIA has released a revised 2019-2020 NDIS Price Guide.

A few changes have been implemented that will be effective 1st of December 2019, including an additional 6 areas reclassified as remote, new price limits to Short Term Accommodation, and the introduction of Medium Term Accommodation and new supports items for Dietitians.

IDEAL Plan Management has updated our pocket-sized price guides to include these adjustments, ensuring that you receive the most recent support catalogue for services under the NDIS.

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Pocket Price Guide

28 Jun 2019

The NDIA has launched the new NDIS price guide for 2019-2020

IDEAL Plan Management is back with the updated pocket-sized NDIS price guide.

These pocket-sized price guides are perfect for carrying around so that you can quickly and easily find out the updated unit price for various supports and services under the NDIS.

Contact us and we would be more than happy to send you some of the price guides!

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