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Demonstrate high standards of service and accountability

IDEAL Plan Management is an independent provider of plan management services, meaning our clients receive consistently unbiased advice and services. We firmly act in the best interest of the participant by providing a high-quality service within an area of expertise, and not providing any other disability-related services. We act with integrity, honesty, and transparency without any conflict of interest, serving only the interests of each participant.

Logan was happy with his previous plan manager for some months until they launched a branch offering support services and support coordination. Logan soon found much of his time on the phone with the plan managers was spend trying to politely decline the offer of support coordination through the same company and, eventually, support work too. Content with his support coordinator, he engaged IDEAL as his plan manager after learning we are completely independent and offer only plan management. He continues working with his preferred support coordinator, local service providers, and now his IDEAL plan manager.