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Ensure independence to serve the interests of the participants

We demonstrate our commitment to providing the best outcome for NDIS participants by upholding their right to information as a consumer and sharing our expert knowledge of plan management. We endeavour to acquire and share up to date NDIS related information. In doing so, we enable participants to exercise greater choice and control over their NDIS funds and expenditure.

When Maria was looking for a new physiologist, one service provider asked her to commit to 12 sessions prior to her first appointment, saying this was their company policy for NDIS participants to ensure she and her therapist could make adequate and consistent progress together. IDEAL advised both Maria and the service provider that we would not quarantine funds for 12 sessions because Maria is entitled to exercise choice and control, choosing how she spends her funding. Maria expressed her gratitude for this when she found, after 3 sessions, that the therapist was not the right fit for her and chose to engage a different provider immediately without forfeiting any more of her funding.