New NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits for 2022-2023

The NDIS have released their Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits for 2022–2023. These will be effective as of July 1st 2022.  

Stay tuned for a more in-depth information in future as we await more information from the NDIA regarding issues such as the indexation of plans.  

Here are some of the key changes we observed:


Notable Changes  

Short Notice Cancellations (page 22)

A cancellation will now be considered short notice if less than 7 clear days’ notice has been given. However, the service agreement between a provider and Participant will continue to take precedence. If providers have previously agreed to a shorter cancellation time, they will not be able to extend the notice period until a revised service agreement is accepted by the Participant.

Other Therapy (page 54-55 and page 93) 

The line items for "other therapy" have been renamed "other professional". Separate line items have also been added for supports that were previously included under other therapy, such as occupational therapy and speech pathology.  

Provider Travel from Core (page 19-22) 

Core support providers can now claim for return trip from the Participant’s location back to the usual place of work. This brings the rules for Core provider travel in line with Capacity Building supports.  

Modification of Modified Monash Model (page 26-27) 

More locations have been classified as “remote” and “very remote” for pricing purposes. 

Price Increases 

Support Work 

The price limits for supports delivered by disability support workers have increased by 9%. 

The price limits for TTP providers have also increased by 7% which means the loading on TTP supports has decreased from 4.5% to 3%. 

Support Coordination (page 74) 

Level 1 support connection observed an increase of 9% but there is currently no change for Level 2 and 3 Support Coordination. 

Nursing (page 52) 

Nursing supports have increased by 3%. 

Legacy Supports 

High Intensity Supports   

High intensity supports previously had 3 levels, but these supports have now been simplified. Level 1 and Level 3 no longer exist with Level 2 prices being the baseline for the new “high intensity supports”.  

This effectively means there are now only two levels for ‘Assistance with Self-Care Activities’ and ‘Access Community Social and Rec Activities’ - standard and high intensity. 

Community Nursing Care  

The line items 15_036_0114_1_3 and 15_051_0114_1_3 no longer exist. Now any nursing supports should be claimed through ‘Delivery of Health Supports by a Nurse’.  

Training in Self Management 

The line items for 07_003_0117_8_3 & 14_031_0127_8_3 no longer exist. Training in self-management would be accessed through Core using ‘Capacity Building and Training in Self-Management and Plan Management’. 


If you would like more information regarding the new Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits visit the NDIA website here.  



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