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Price Arrangements Updates

New NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits for 2022-2023

23 Jun 2022

The NDIS have released their Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits for 2022–2023. These will be effective as of July 1st 2022.  

Pricing Arrangements Update: Clarification surrounding subscription services

15 Dec 2021

Version 1.3 of the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits 2021-2022 has been released!

What’s changed?

Did you know the NDIS Price Guide recently had an update? 

15 Dec 2020


This included increased price limits for 369 support items and a simple new ‘yes or no’ checklist in the support catalogue to determine whether supports are eligible for: non-face-to-face support provision, provider travel, short notice cancellation, NDIA requested reports, irregular Supported Independent Living (SIL) supports. 

July 1st 2020 New NDIS and Pocket-Sized Price Guide

07 Jul 2020

The NDIS has a new price guide from 1 July 2020.

New COVID-19 Pocket-Sized Price Guide

21 Apr 2020

IDEAL Plan Management's new Pocket-sized price guides have implemented the COVID-19 measures introduced in the NDIS Support Catalogue version 2.2.1.

New Pocket Price Guide

01 Dec 2019

The NDIA has released a revised 2019-2020 NDIS Price Guide.

A few changes have been implemented that will be effective 1st of December 2019, including an additional 6 areas reclassified as remote, new price limits to Short Term Accommodation, and the introduction of Medium Term Accommodation and new supports items for Dietitians.

IDEAL Plan Management has updated our pocket-sized price guides to include these adjustments, ensuring that you receive the most recent support catalogue for services under the NDIS.

Pocket Price Guide

28 Jun 2019

The NDIA has launched the new NDIS price guide for 2019-2020

IDEAL Plan Management is back with the updated pocket-sized NDIS price guide.

These pocket-sized price guides are perfect for carrying around so that you can quickly and easily find out the updated unit price for various supports and services under the NDIS.

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